steamed buns with meat filling

I used three eggs. For later I want to have meatballs or meat loaf-y type hamburger mixture to do something else. Less than a cup of this mixture is used for these steamed buns. It does not yet contain any sauces like shoyu or Worcestershire and no catsup and no peppers.  At this point the mixture is heavy on vegetable and grain and quite plain flavor wise save for what comes with the sausage. One pound of hamburger meat and half pound sausage.

That's it for the filling. Now for the dough.

Baking soda changes the pH and affects the gluten in the dough making it more stretchable and affects its ability to connect with like molecules. When a dough ball is sliced and placed next to each other they knit together automatically quite quickly. It makes the dough altogether easier to manage. It retards yeast growth.

Plating preparation while the stuffed buns steam. Obviously the meat must cook through. An internal thermometer is used. With gentle steaming the meat cooked just sort of twenty minutes.

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