Bacon, eggs, Indian style hash browned potato

Indian style, I am saying, because the potatoes are spiced complexly started in heated oil. Butter.

I will go ahead and proclaim this a regular marsala. Denver marsala. That's it. It is my Denver marsala.

I live in the West. That is what they call it, if you look on a map it is nearly dead center, but let's go along and say West because the whole attitude around here is Western and Southwestern. That means we are lucky because spice influence comes up directly from Mexico and those guys don't mess around, just like the Indians on the Subcontinent. They have shown us the way and we like what we tasted. So the spice mixtures around here will always have

* coriander the seeds and also cilantro, the leafy portion. But for the Denver marsala, coriander not cilantro.
* cumin, this is the flavor that fairly well screams Southwest at the top of its voice. It's quite loud too.
* chile powder, and not just one. A combination of chile powders, each have their own characteristics and heat qualities which you learn about when you live here.
* black pepper, duh

A Denver marsala would have at least those things, certainly. 

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