ceviche (second batch)

This is the second batch of ceviche within the last month. The first batch was so delicious I couldn't keep off it. I had it for one meal or another every day straight until it was gone, then when it was gone it stayed on my mind until I whipped out another batch.

Having this ceviche on hand in the refrigerator available for snacking at any moment, along with fruit mixture also prepared in batch volume and available, along with oatmeal mixture also prepared and readily available, proved an excellent and healthful way to drop surplus body fat that was beginning to accumulate around my waist, always drapped unsightly on a skinny person's frame, and necessitating moving up to wider pants. Luckily I have a wardrobe for just that weight fluctuation, but having to use it is an alarm that I've slipped into the wrong eating habits. I do believe these three things were instrumental, along with ceasing sugary carbonated beverages and regular servings of breads, in getting off the surplus fat off even though, oddly, my weight has not changed. This story hasn't ended though, I still have a little way to go to settle back into comfortable homeostasis.

These photos depict:

1.) variety of firm textured seafood
2) vegetables included in the ceviche
3) combined cut seafood and vegetables
4) ceviche in jars
5) ceviche plated the day of preparation
6) ceviche plated a week later

ceviche seafood
ceviche vegetables
combined ceviche vegetables and seafood
ceviche jarred
ceviche plated first day
ceviche plated one week later

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