egg, oatmeal, mixed fruit

This took longer to photograph than it did to make. 3.5 minutes. The fruit combination is assembled in advance and ready for scooping. (I almost said prepared in advance but my redundancy alarm went off.) The oatmeal mix is pre assembled too and also ready for scooping. So it gets down to heating up a sauté pan, the smallest pan in a set of pans, burning a nob of butter to oil and opening up an egg into it. Ta daaaaa. * bows *

I tend to go through phases, and right now I'm in an oatmeal phase big time. I love it with all sorts of things added to it. Since the egg was fried in butter, there was no need to add butter to the oatmeal, the oatmeal absorbed it from the egg. This oatmeal has trail mix, but the trail mix was short on raisins so I added more. This also has barley added to it.

Barley is weird. I bought it from the bins at Whole Foods because I wanted to germinate it and try again to malt grain, now that I know about tumbling it to get rid of the husk and seedling and root after its toasted. But Whole Foods didn't have straight unadulterated barley grain, they did have pearled barley (and a bunch of empty bins around the other types of barley bins), so I bought some on a bet. I bet myself, you see. I lost that bet. Pearled barley means the husks were removed and that renders the grain unfit for germination. You know, I wish these grain people would chose a terminology and stick with it, I had the same problem when sesame seeds were described as "husked." I stood there for several minutes positively nonplussed. I wasn't able to determine by using my awesome powers of logic if husked meant the sesame seeds had their husks or if they had been de-husked. You can not tell by close examination of the seeds unless you happen to carry a loupe. Turns out, husked means the seeds are still enhuskenated and not de-husked. So why didn't they just say that, enhuskenated? Just because that word gets underlined in red every time I type it is no reason to be dissuaded from being clear. Anyway, pearled barley doesn't germinate, and I didn't want to waste it so I put the remainder in the oatmeal, the portion I didn't get wet from trying to germinate. Lesson learned, pearled means husked. Bastards.

I also like to add pecans, dried cranberries, and coconut, to name a few things off hand.

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