The crostini is the toasted uninteresting un-aged white bread made earlier. It's not bad, there's just nothing to recommend it, unless you're a fan of plain white bread, even if it is made with milk and egg, and a small amount of whole wheat. The mozzarella is from the last batch made from the non-homogenized milk picked up from Whole Foods. The idea was to see if it melted. It does. The mozzarella is much more dense than any I've ever bought and a little bit crumbly. It's not elastic or rubbery at all and it totally fails as mozzarella when judged on texture. Still, it's the best mozzarella I've ever tasted. No brag, just fact. And that makes it all worth it. Plus, it was fun.

Sprinkled with dry Italian herbs. A drizzle of olive oil would have been a good idea. They're like little Spartan pizzas.

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