elk ragú, whole-wheat fusilli

ragù ingredients
elk ragù with whole-wheat fussili
Elk ragù from a portion of a package of ground elk Deena M. gave me, whole-wheat fusilli Randy B. gave me.

I understand why people say they prefer pasta sauce cooked for hours and hours, but honestly, I prefer things cooked quickly and to be able to taste the individual components. I prefer fewer components to many and I prefer the ingredients to be as close to raw as possible. Therefore, the tomato is added at the end. It's not cooked at all, just barely heated through. I don't want everything to blend together into one homogenous amalgam. That's just my preference. I will not dispute people who insist their sauce is better the second day, it probably is, but I wonder if they've ever tried it with raw olive oil and fresh tomato and herbs with unmelted cheese.

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