cheese crackers

Help! I can't stop eating these.

* 8 oz. Tillamook white cheddar aged two years.

* 8 oz. flour. That's two cups.

* 1/2 cup water, or so. Drizzled into processor until cheese and flour come together into a ball

* chill the cheese and run through the processor using the grater.

* keeping the cheese in the processor, remove the grater attachment and insert the chopping blade.

* Dump in the flour and run the processor until the cheese is entirely broken down and the flour is sifted and combined.

* Drizzle water through the feed tube in increments watching for the whole mass to pull together and begin tumbling around inside the unit.

* Add a sprinkling of salt.

* I added Aji Amarillo chile powder to my dough, then decided it wasn't hot enough and added ground ancho chiles to the second half of the dough to make them a little more fierce.

* I decided not to use butter or lard or any fat beyond what's already in the cheese. I wanted them to become crispy as possible and determined that adding fat was making them moist. Don't want that.

* Roll out as thin as possible. Cut to the size and shape of your baking pans, or use a sheet of parchment paper as a template. Sprinkle with coarse salt, kosher, or sea salt. Press the salt into the dough so it doesn't just fall off. Dock with a fork. Docking is important, or the individual crackers will puff up into little pillows. If that's what you want, then don't dock, but if you want to use for dip or for them to hold something, then best to dock so the steam can escape while baking. Lift and transfer the rolled out dough onto the parchment or directly onto the baking sheet, it doesn't matter, they don't stick too badly. Bake at 400℉ for ten or eleven minutes.

Best cheese crackers ever.

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Jake Ten Pas said...

The only way we can help you with those is to take some off your hands. So, the next time you find yourself battling temptation, please send them to the Tillamook Cheese Fan Club. In the meantime, you might check out our Web site, where your recipe for the ultimate cheese crackers was our Post of the Day yesterday:
Thanks, and keep on crunching,
Jake Ten Pas
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