fusion omelet

The photos depict

1) vegetable ingredients
2) mise en place including anchovy and jalapeño, finished florentine, Parmigiano and ricotta, three eggs blended
3) finished omelet plated
4) plated omelet opened

This is a fusion omelet, it's sophisticated and nothing short of extraordinary. I would proudly serve it to guests, if those guests were possessed with working taste buds and appreciation for interesting food, in other words, a limited audience, and that would exclude 100% of the people in the previous building I lived. True omelets are not stuffed. I stuff mine to the maximum possible, so I suppose a better word for them would be œufs ètouffee (choked), or œufs farcis (stuffed) if you wanted to stick with French words.

I've been Jones'n for spinach so the original idea was for a florentine omelet, and that's all there. I used Parmigiano Reggiano plus my own ricotta. I added mushrooms because I felt like it, and I flavored butter/olive oil with anchovy for its rich body and to substitute for salt. I added jalapeños for heat.

I used the violently-shake-the-pan method over high heat rather than the gently-move-the-curd method over moderate heat because I wanted a more even finished surface possibly toasted and not the wavy open surface of the gentle technique.

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