chicken broth, soba

The roasted chicken from the previous post was broken down into two piles.

*useable meat to frozen
*bones and everything else

The roasted skin, tendons, and general debris is included with the bones.

The bones are broken apart with pliers to expose the marrow.

The broth will be frozen and used as needed wherever commercial broth would be used. No herbs or aromatic root vegetables are to be included in this stock. The broth remains a sort of a blank slate that near infinite number flavor combinations are written.

The mass of bones and debris was boiled in six quarts of water. A foam forms that can be skimmed off. The photos below show the pot within the first few minutes of boiling with the foam on the surface.  It's not all that clear because of boiling action looks much like protein foam.

chicken bits pulled form roasted chicken
broken bones and various debris form roasted chicken for stock
animated gif of broth before and after skimming off foam
I want the pressure cooker to brutally shove the marrow out of the bones. 

The chicken was run through a colander into another pot then run through a sieve back into the original pot.

cooked bones run through colander
broth run through finer sieve
finished broth

Chilling will allow the oil to separate from the broth and become firm on the top. The fat forms a hardened disc that differentiates from the gelled broth beneath it. The fat-disc can be lifted off easily and discarded.

So that's the chicken broth. Now the soba noodles.

Soba originally referred to thin buckwheat noodles but recently it has come to mean any thin noodle opposite of udon thick noodles.

The  soba noodles that I made are egg noodles from 100% semolina, a hard duram wheat.

semolina soba dough

soba dough rolled flat
cut soba dough
herbs and aromatics for soba

Besides noodles, the soup also included,

* the last of the collard, cut into small squares
* mushrooms sliced
* sweet peas sliced through
* chicken bits from the roasted cicken

Then three herbs and one aromatic were added.

* rosemary
* cilantro
* parsley
* green onion

I could have called this chicken noodle soup and been done with it but I added soy sauce and that changed things.

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