chicken and Brussels sprouts

I went on an exploratory trip to Marczyk on 17th at Corona, about ten blocks away from where I live. I haven't the vaguest idea how to pronounce that name. The idea was to pick up some Parmesan  and whatever other cheese they would recommend, and whatever else I found that looked interesting. I am looking for unpasteurized cheeses.

While there I picked up a whole chicken because the one on display looked great.  Everybody at Marczyk is engaging and eager to talk about food. They seem proud of the products they offer. I did experience a bit of sticker shock at checkout.

This bird is huge. Nearly the size of a small turkey. It's a free-range type that really does range freely and strutted around pecking at insects, seeds, grubs and worms, has not benefitted from the science of hormones, and is entirely organic for whatever that's worth.  It is a bit older  judging by the size and weight and by the resistance of the tendons.

fresh chicken in its package
fresh free-range organic chicken
cooked chicken
Brussels sprouts
Brussels sprouts sliced
Brussels sprouts sliced with onion and bacon
bacon frying
bacon and onion frying
bacon and onion and Brussels sprouts frying
chicken Brussels sprouts plated

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