last of the elk patties

And this makes me sad because this stuff was soooo good. I enjoyed every single molecule of it.

Here, I coated it with the extra topping I made for the shrimp/penne/cheese casserole yesterday. To ensure the inside was thoroughly cooked, I dumped about an 1/4 cup water into the hot pan to steam it up. The topping contained oats +sourdough crumbs +butter +Parmigiano Reggiano, therefore, it couldn't be sautéed as fiercely as it could without it.

All I can say is, this was fantastic. You might not like it as well as I do because it's not as dense as a regular hamburger, but that's what I like about it. Plus, you get all kinds of good stuff, like collard greens and oats.

This reminds me; did you see Giada De Laurentiis (that's right, ii) when she took a vacation to Parma? She's the one who's always leaning forward and giving viewers a cleavage shot of her lovely little breasteses. Anyway, Parma; some people get all the luck. She bought a whole prosciutto hog leg and had it shipped back to the US. Then, in a later shot she's in the back seat of a car, being driven by some unknown, with an entire half a wheel of Parmigiano cheese on her lap. That's thirty-five pounds of cheese, which is about 1/3 of her own weight. It's gigantic, cut in half on the flat, so it still has it's wheel shape with the open portion upward. Giada is using a cheese cutter to cut off chips from the center. It's a hilariously glutinous shot. She's adorable.

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