provolone cheese crackers

cheese crackers
cheese crackers rolled out
cheese crackers baked
This turned out to be a particularly good batch of cheese crackers. By using good cheese, how could you go wrong?

My original idea was to substitute Maytag blue cheese for butter, but that appeared not to work so well, the dough failed to look like proper dough before adding water to bring it together, so I added a few daubs of butter. Butter tends to soften the final cracker, so I held back on my impulse to use a lot. The amount of dough was determined by the amount of cheese, the size of the pile within the blender. I estimated an equal amount of flour and let 'er rip. That's when I decided it really did need some butter. Then water drizzled in until it pulled together. That turned out to be a little too wet so I floured the working surface heavily. The dough took up approximately 1/2 cup of flour as it was being rolled. Cut to the size of a pre-cut sheet of parchment paper. Transfered to the paper and cut into separate crackers, then docked. Oh blast! I forgot to press in sea salt or kosher salt. No matter, the cheese is plenty salty to satisfy any salt lust.

* mostly provolone cheese grated in Cuisinart.
* a chunk of some unidentified semi-hard white cheese, probably Romano
* 1.5 cups flour added and blade replaced from grater to chopper
* about 2 oz of Maytag cheese added into cheese/flour mixture and blended
* water drizzled until dough came together and rolled around the blender bowl.
* baked at 400℉ on second to top rack of oven for 11 minutes.

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