purple cabbage with chuck patty

The idea for this cabbage dish came from Karen, and I must say, it's delicious.

* portion of a head of purple cabbage
* onion
* couple of small apples
* grated carrot
* 1/4 LB bacon
* brown sugar
* rice vinegar
* salt / pepper
* fennel seed

What? You don't like fennel seed? OK Fine! Forget the whole thing then.

Maybe I shouldn't have ground so much chuck roast. There's still a little bit left. The thing is, it's soooo good. I could eat it every day with different things mixed into it. This time I used Lea & Perrins and rolled oats.

100% within The Zone™.

shredded purple cabbage
shredded onion and carrot
apple and backon
ground chuck patty and cabbage salad

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