ground chuck roast

I think it was a chuck roast. I'm pretty sure about that. I bought this roast with the intention of pressure cooking it in large segments as the whim struck me. But that whim never struck, and I had so much fun with the ground elk enhanced with all manner of adulterations that gave me the idea to have a little fun and grind up the chuck and do the same thing or something similar. More to come on this later, but for now, this is how the chuck was ground.

This machine set on its side allows an attachment that grinds meat along with doing other wonderful things like stuff sausages and press cookies and extrude pasta. It's a little ridiculous, but it sure is fun. Like a Play-Doh Fun Factory Super Set, except, more serious. The thing is, it leaves more than a little incompletely processed meat within the mechanism that goes wasted during cleaning. To limit that, I ran a Yukon potato through to clear it out of valuable meat. I might use the potato because I used it for the elk and that turned out great.

chuck roast
chuck roast cubed
chuck roast being ground
chuck roast being ground close up
chuck roast being ground complete
chuck roast being ground complete close up

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