Yukon potato soup with saffron

Yukon potato and collard in chicken broth with saffron

cubed Yukon potato in a pot
diced onion
bowl of soup, Yukon potato and saffron
* Yukon potato diced
* purple onion
* garlic smashed and diced
* mushrooms
* collard leaves, vein removed, sliced
* saffron
* not pictured, honey
* not pictured, pale mellow miso
* not pictured, can of commercial chicken broth

* potatoes sautéed in pot first, then ingredients added one by one, in order of firmness. Collard allowed to shrink and briefly sauté then water added to dilute canned chicken broth. No salt added because the commercial chicken broth is already overly salty and the miso is also salted, thus the need to dilute. No pepper or chiles or anything tart because I didn't feel like it. The honey is essential to the dish to counter and to buttress the saffron, which by itself isn't all that great, but outstanding in combinations.

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