salmon whole wheat fusilli salad

whole wheat fusilli
salmon chunks with onion
kalamata olives smashed
kalamata olives deseeded
granny smith apples sliced
celery sliced
fresh pineapple trimmed
fresh pineapple cubed
fresh basil and cilantro
salmon whole wheat fusilli salad

* Salmon cubed and soaked in lemon juice with diced onions. Then cooked briefly to barely change texture.
* Kalamata olives smashed then the seeds removed. The advantage is, then you get to suck the seeds.
* Granny Smith apple sliced and sliced again
* Fresh pineapple trimmed, sliced, and cubed
* Banana cut into chunks
* celery sliced
* The whole wheat fusilli was given to me by friends.
* Not pictured: Romaine lettuce and home-made mayonnaise aioli with fresh garlic and fresh ginger.

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Anonymous said...

(skeptically surveys ingredient combination)

Is this your invention? Did you like it? When you say the salmon was barely cooked, do you mean it was served slightly raw?


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