chuck with miso and tomato

Ya know, the next time I grind meat I think I'll mix it -- beef with chicken, beef with pork and veal for meatloaf or meatballs, or like this, for patties. This worked out great. I'm 100% for mixing in oats and vegetables. I think chick peas would be excellent. The thing is, you must consume it quickly or else freeze it again, so next time I'll make less of it. That way I can get on with other things. Here, I added oats, an egg, olive oil, water, and strong flavored brown rice miso. The miso tended to burn in the pan and then lifted off when water was added to finish with steam which then formed a flavorful and healthful miso flavored sauce that, since it had not been thickened, sank through the meat and into the chopped tomato .

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