bread and cheese

Is this Ernest Hemingway or what? I read Old Man and the Sea when I was in high school and the scene of the old man having lunch of cheese and bread at a rickety wooden table in a little shack seared an indelible image upon my tender youthful impressionable mind. At least I think it was Old Man and the Sea. I thought at that moment of reading it, "what a pathetic lunch. Hemingway sure is good at describing abject poverty." *sads * But now I think, "what a terrific lunch!" As long as the bread is great, and the cheese is outstanding, and the water untainted. Plus a little uncured sandwich ham couldn't hurt. Well, that and a smart little tossed salad. OK, fine! A few hor d'oeuvres, a cup of soup, a plate of salad, this here bread and cheese, followed by a pasta dish, and ended with cannoli or something, with a fine domestic wine or beer to sip along the way, and honestly, how could you go wrong?

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