red kidney bean with ham hock and pasta

* dried red kidney beans soaked for a few hours
* ham hocks pressure cooked for 1/2 hour until tender
* beans and ham cooked together with herbs and aromatics briefly in pressure cooker
* pasta dough made with 50% home-milled whole-wheat flour and 50% semolina with three egg yolks and olive oil. Extruded through grinder.
* canned tomatoes with jalapeño.
* basil, cilantro, and some kind of unidentified relatively hard cheese, probably provolone

Most commercial pastas are extruded through Teflon coated dies. Teflon dies are more economical for the manufacturer than bronze or steel dies. They're much less expensive to replace. Pasta extruded through metal dies have a rougher texture than Teflon-extruded pasta. The difference can be seen and felt with your fingertips. Dry bronze-extruded pasta feels like sandpaper. The rough texture makes it possible for sauces to adhere. Otherwise, oils and thin sauces tend to slip off. Please note the texture of this pasta, and imagine its excellent sauce-adherence capability.

red kidney beans soaking
onion and garlic
herbs and onion and garlic diced
ham hocks
ham hocks in pressure cooker
pressure cooker closed
pasta dough ingredients
pasta dough
pasta dough being extruded
pasta close up
red kidney bean with ham hock and pasta plated

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