roasted powder tomato

raw tomato
sliced raw tomato
roasted sliced tomato
roasted tomato powder
spaghetti with roasted tomato powder
spaghetti with roasted tomato powder close up
The lady on TV said, "I suggest using a serrated knife to slice the tomato as thinly as possible," and I thought, "This woman has no idea how sharp my knives are." My chefs' knives are so sharp they'll cut you for just looking at them the wrong way. Ask me how I know. The twelve inch chef's knife actually worked better than the mandolin, and the blade on the mandolin is a razor blade. Just, say'n.

This powder is intriguing. Four tomatoes roasted dry and ground to powder reduced to fill a two ounce herb jar. There were actually three trays of tomatoes but I'm showing only one. The powder has intense roasted tomato flavor. It occurred to me I could sneak in roasted tomato flavor where it's least expected, within hand-made noodles, for example, but then there's little point to that when I like adding whole tomatoes to everything possible anyway. I suppose the powder will be useful for roasted flavor and for those bleak moments when I find myself haplessly bereft of fresh tomatoes.

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