This salad includes tomato, orange bell pepper, spring onion, avocado, and transOcean Crab Classic, a fake crab product of which I've become quite fond.

transOcean Crab Classic fake crabThis fake crab product is made mostly from Alaskan Pollock, a fairly strongly flavored white fish, the largest food fish resource in the world. You could nosh on this stuff all day long with various dipping sauces and not gain weight. It's even good for you

Alaskan PollockIn'nit purdy? I mean, come on, look at that eye. So clear. You can tell the poor thing put up a struggle The rest of the Crab Classic, the remaining 2% is comprised of king crab, natural and artificial flavors, extracts of crab, oyster, lobster, scallop, shrimp , and other fish, namely salmon, anchovy and cutlassfish and a bunch of other crap. This means they swabbed the decks and drained everything into a vast tub, ground it all up into mush and steamed it. Mmmm, fish mush.

salad ingredients in a bowl
salad ingredients in a bowl
The mayonnaise was made with olive oil, ginger and garlic. The croutons were made from that uninteresting un-aged bread that was baked previously, better as croutons than as bread.

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