beef noodle soup, fresh pasta

Dough divided in half and run through the Atlas rollers for two long flat sheets then run through the Atlas cutting rollers. 

The noodles are long as the work table. Too long. Too ridiculously long and difficult to manage, difficult to transfer from water to bowl, difficult to transfer from bowl to mouth. Long is fun. Extra long is just ridiculous. 

And the whole effort is just okay with generous Parmesan cheese.

So I'm eating this noodle soup and outside the formation of purple clouds begins to go pink. I'm watching it develop and I'm thinking, man, this going to be a good one. Shame to just let it go, just me watching it, so I got up and set up the camera. That takes a bit of adjustments to camera and to equipment, tripod and phone and the like and just as the first photo is taken it becomes clear this is actually the peak and the light show closes down with not much to show after that.

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