pork bbq chile, crispy potato wedges, lettuce

The potato is already boiled.

Oil includes butter.

This pork chile made earlier is so sweet it amounts to bbq sauce so that is changed with a few drops of habanero. Any type of specific chile powder or flakes will do the same thing. I have habanero powder and just a few granules goes a very long way. 

Tabasco sauce is all well and good with their carefully crafted fermentation process, their salt, and their vinegar and all of the time they devote aging their product, it is a fine product, but you can take those same peppers dry them and pulverize them to powder and have the same specific pepper flavor and pepper heat without any vinegar or salt. 

The habanero sauce is made without vinegar. It makes a big difference. Even here, these habanero peppers can be grown easily from grocery store peppers (they are red or orange and therefore ripe, their seeds are mature and viable if not roasted), dried, pulverized and used to flavor nearly anything. The heat is outstanding and so is the flavor. The sauce and the pepper whatever its form have a uniquely deep floral quality that comes through very well. 

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