Korean style, hot, candied chicken

I used chicken breast instead of cut chicken wings. That means no chicken flavor from the bone.

I used my own simple syrup instead of Korean style corn syrup

My dry red pepper are the worst thing about this. Their texture does not work. They need to be cooked to complete hydration and mine are not.

I forgot both vinegar and mustard, two key ingredients.

I thought I had raw peanuts on had but they are not where I thought they were. I use pine nuts and  the oil in my pine nuts is rancid. Nothing can fix them. They're awful and must be discarded.

Her brown sugar is actually turbinado sugar and I forgot to add that at the end anyway. 

So, for such major fails I must say this is not all that bad. Next try will be a lot better.

* corn starch used not potato starch
* vinegar and mustard forgotten
* chicken breast instead of proper chicken wings
* rancid pine nuts instead of raw peanuts
* dry chile pods not cooked to softness
* turbinado sugar at end omitted
* ginger included where not called for 
* sugar syrup substituted. Mine is from cane, hers is from corn (she thinks it's from rice)

Other than that the effort true to received recipe to the sharpest fidelity and it's not all that bad either. Although half a large chicken breast is quite enough. 

Even imitated poorly as this.  Win.

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