melon, ice cream, oatmeal cookies

The whole thing is about oatmeal cookies and it's nothing, and I mean nothing, but child's play from beginning to end. 

What goes into oatmeal cookies? The same things that goes into regular oatmeal with a few extra things like egg, vanilla, and extra sugar, and I use molasses. 

  • flour
  • regular salt
  • cinnamon

  • Now comes a mysterious ingredient included for its chemical properties. It is a baker's secret element. This powder used in tiny amount, say 1/2 teaspoon, will affect the pH and help keep the cookies soft.

  • Now for the main ingredient, the point of the whole thing. But honestly, oatmeal is confusing. What type should you buy? Don't buy anything that says, 1 or 3 minutes. Buy this kind.

Unbaked  ↑
Baked  ↓

Cut melon, scoop out seeds. 
Scoop commercial ice cream. 

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