falafel experiment, sour cream tzatziki

People take dried beans, soak them them and then process them fine as they go. They're refrigerated then fried. The processed beans are cooked in the frier.

Tinned chickpeas will disintegrate when fried. 

I do it differently and I do not understand why people do not follow my lead. My technique makes tremendous sense. Dry beans are turned to fine particles the same way coffee beans are at home. Whatever bean is used, even corn, then twice that amount in water. plus whatever seasonings you'd like right there. Microwaved 3.5 minutes. Done. Just like that. Grits, polenta, any type of flavorful bean sludge with that amount of water will roll into balls and stick. 

This knowledge right here can change your whole attitude about things. 

I didn't know which would be best, plain garbanzo beans or that same thing with finely diced celery. Turns out the plains ones are better. 

No baking powder necessary, no baking soda necessary, the beans are fluffy enough themselves. No egg. Just parsley and herbs if you want and the usual spices that you like.

Sour cream tzatziki shown before

Conclusion: plain ones with no celery win.

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