sweet potato casserole

You're not sending it out of the kitchen like that. 

Mind your own biz wax, Brian, this is ARTS!

Ginger, orange, butter.

Brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and finally for more depth, vanilla or bourbon. 

brown sugar

Topping done, set aside.

Mixture cool enough to add egg. This time separately. Eggs will lighten the mixture. Egg whites separated and whipped will lighten the mixture even more but neither is necessary. It's okay. The result will be heavier without egg.

I failed to photograph a bowl of pecans and raisins. The mixture below in the glass bread pan is loaded with pecans and raisins, but they are not showing. The pecans inside are whole. And if I had dried cranberries then I'd use them. For red dots and for zing.  

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