pork loin, garlic mashed potatoes, poblano sauce

Why are you showing three closeups of blisters?

Because it's all about the char, 'bout the char, 'bout the char. 

The whole dinner is about the char, 'bout the flavor of the char.

I invented this and it deserves an award so award me. 

It is roasted poblano and a teaspoon of sour cream for each poblano pepper provides the faint acid element for a proper sauce. Two ingredients blended, bam, sauce. 

And it is extraordinary sauce. Its light green color belies its deep earthy roasted flavor. It does not taste anything like like it looks. It is a deceptive sauce. 

I always did like mashed potatoes and gravy and now I have new fantastic gravy that is vegetable but not vegan. This sauce is excellent. The effort tonight is all about the sauce, 'bout the sauce. 

Roasting these takes a bit of time rotating them under the broiler. They broil unevenly and finish unevenly. Some finish before others. They are placed in a bowl with a plate lid to sweat and added to the bowl as they finish blistering and charing. 

All the peppers are roasted at once. They do not keep long in the refrigerator and they tend to break down when frozen. They are  precious. This is an attempt to keep them separate and protected for freezing. We'll see how well it works out for other things later.

Riced potato is easiest of all. Garlic is added to milk and butter and heated separately. It's tricky judging how much to heat in advance. 

This was adjusted with cold milk and the entire pile brought back up to temperature. 


Yesterday during a time-lapse run of 455 photos during a storm the infrared emitted by lightning triggered the camera in between timed shots triggered by the cell phone. 

Understand? The camera is set up on tripod for time-lapse of a storm using the phone's infrared to trigger every 40 seconds (the camera will shut off in 1 minute to save power without a signal) But the storm itself triggered the camera to capture the lightning. The frame is not useful for time-lapse, it interfered with it. And this makes me wonder how many times this happened before without me taking notice. 

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