braised smoked sausage, cabbage, potato

The pressure pot might be too violent for these sausages. These were exploded open the first round under pressure. 

Vegetable are added for the second round. Less time because potato and cabbage does not need so much time. Too much time under pressure will turn them to mush and we don't want that.

Brown sugar and cider vinegar are added, a tablespoon each. Plus a half teaspoon fennel seed. And chile flakes. Salt/pepper and that's all. Very simple meal. 

Friends dropped by so I fixed them a plate. One said, "I didn't know sausage can be this good." They never had sausage braised for a long time so the casing gelatinizes and the meat turns to a sort of firm pâté.  

And do you know what? So called ballpark mustard, ordinary yellow mustard is very good. It competes with the best. 

Companies brag about the incredible quality of their unique water, only they have it, they brag of their vinegar, only the best, only they can do vinegar this fine, while all of them import mustard seeds from the U.S. and from Canada. These two countries export the most by far. That fine a condiment grows in abundance here. It is incredibly common and that does not mean it is less quality. No. It means that we are positively rich when it comes to mustard. Something dear to everyone else is cheap to us by comparison. The treasure is so common and so cheap that it is taken for granted and valued less for it. Common ballpark American mustard holds its own very well held up against any other world wide. We own mustard. And that is culinary and macro economic fact. All else to the contrary is idle braggadocio. 

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