porterhouse steak, chipotle corn on cob

If you salt a steak before grilling it then the salt will pull moisture from the inside of the steak to the surface of the steak where it burns off. 

If you allow enough time then a couple things happen. The natural chemical process is for the pressure of water to equalize between inside and outside the cell walls. When moisture is drawn to the surface and combined with the salt then both water pressure and salt concentration equalize between the surface and the insides of cells. The salt moisture is dragged back inside. Salt passing through cells denatures the cell walls and opens the passageways wider, fixing them, and facilitating water pressure and salt concentration between cell walls. After time water and salt and spices transfer more readily. The steak cells are altered to behave as a sponge that holds in its own moisture when grilled. 

This dry brining is a function of time.

How much time? 

A few hours.

My lips, tongue, palate, gums, teeth, throat, esophagus, nasal passage, tonsils, uvula, oropharynx, epiglotis, nose, philtrum, trachea, pharynx, my cheeks, are all vibrating at high frequency from gustatory capsaicin stimulation. It's quite extraordinary. 

You wouldn't like it.

You'd be all, "When's it gonna stop? When's it gonna stop?" Then boom the whole vibration thing vanishes and you're eager to repeat the experience.

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