Chicken katsu, French fries, chicken gravy

Not shown: a bowl of panko Japanese breadcrumbs and a bowl containing a beaten egg.

Today I am using a different technique because of the panko. No flour. I want the coating to be lighter than usual so the first flour-step is omitted.

We cook types mess with fundamentals all the time. It's how we are.

Chicken gravy was pulled out of thin air. 

It's like magic.

* Great butter * flour * microwaved to bubbling.

I was going to use shelf-stable liquid chicken stock, I have cartons of that, pumped up with half a teaspoon of powdered chicken stock, but the half teaspoon turned out to be enough chicken flavor so I used milk for liquid instead. That turned the whole thing paper-white. Flavor and color adjusted with drops of liquid smoke and Worcestershire. Drops, not teaspoons. I could have used soy and a few other flavor-things to adjust further and to darken but I am keeping the whole thing simple. 

And now, just like that, the whole thing is gone. 

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