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I visited Floyd's today for a haircut way overdue. By months. My hair started out very short but now it is long and unruly. A few months must have gone by. I washed it, towel dried it, then I left. Outside my hair looked truly wild but I did not know that. At Floyd's I saw in the mirror how Beethoven-hair outrageous it appeared. Going in every direction like a crazy person spinning stormy thoughts blowing out the top of my head. 

Outside at the corner I encountered a man who walked into Floyd's ahead of me. I was seated before him and he was seated next to me far side in the back. As usual I was seated in the farthermost spot. We both were.  One blank chair between us. 

Floyd's is a very short distance. Only 3/4 city block. Catty-corner from me. Yet this was a difficult walk for me. My legs were not working. Nothing lined up. My feet did not work right. Each step was uncertain. I have zero balance. Zero certainty. The mask messed me up so I let it hang. Sunglasses dimmed the scene. Each step was slathered with thought. It felt like I was swimming. I had to direct both legs for each step. I was analyzing each portion of every step, monitoring what both legs are doing at each stage of each step.  My legs are weak. My heart was pounding. Progress was slow. I allowed enough time. Very few people on the street, they each passed me up. By a lot. Like ping, then they're way ahead of me.

I told the hairdresser from nothing in back to something on top. I'll leave that to her own art. But it is thin on top and thick on the sides so she will have to blend that to avoid making me look like Mao Zedong. Used to be Mao Tse Dung when I learned about him a long time ago. Wrote several papers on China in high school. That teacher was one of the hard ones.

        Ha ha ha ha.

Do you know who that is? 

        Uh, no.

The first communist Chairman of China. He is the guy who made China communist. Sixty-five million died from him doing that. He has a tremendous weight on his soul. The number is arguable. The point is a lot of people died as he ruthlessly turned China communist.

And my hairdresser does not know who that is.

How can she possibly understand a political discussion centering on China? She has no conceptualization of anything resembling a threat. She knows only what her news programs tell her.

I gave her $10.00 before starting and I think that made her tend with special attention. She blended the H-E-Double Wahl hair clippers out of my scalp, honestly rubbed it and blended the varying thicknesses totally in, then to finish provided a sharp part and pulled it all backward and set it in place so that I appear 100% Gatsby. 

As I was leaving the man seated next to me was finishing up. He acted surprised with my transformation, from wild street man to closely clean cut. I indicated the hairdresser. She blushed. His hairdresser thanked me for dinner. The man offered me a ride home.


The man said, I saw you walking in. I saw that you were having difficulty. I am offering you a ride home. 

Crap. Apparently I look even worse than I feel. This is the first time that a stranger has offered me a ride because I look so bad when I walk. And it was a very short walk. 

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