Homemade fettuccine in cream sauce, curried cauliflower

* 50% bread flour
* 50% semolina flour
* 1 egg yolk
* 1/2 egg shell container of water

* extremely dry 
* rested for 1/2 hour
* texture changed completely

* cooked separately with commercial curry powder plus a few extra spices; cinnamon, cumin, garlic.

* really super good butter
* salt / pepper
* teeny-tiny bit of cumin
* garlic
* teeny-tiny bit of mustard
* quite a lot of cream

* nutmeg

The cauliflower is cooked in the microwave separately from the butter and cream sauce. They are combined in the pan with the noodles. That's two separate flavor worlds combined; a complex curry and an easy-peasy cream sauce. Still separate. Eventually by pulling noodles from the bowl the two flavor worlds are combined completely. The two sauces go together very well. 

No cheese this time. But there is nothing against it.

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JU said...

Looks delicioso I'm gonna try to get it close to your's

Thanks Bo

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