Delivery order from Denver Pizza and Grill

I order from this place all the time for other people. Hundreds of times, possibly five times. Look, I wasn't counting, okay? Although, they are counting and they will give me a free order one of these days. Some time in the future. Maybe. They show me this countdown thing whenever I go to their page.

But this is the first time that I've ordered for myself. So now I get to see what the deal is.

Tiramisu. Apparently. Like nothing I've seen. Maybe the lady fingers got all smashed up. And maybe they used animal crackers. Very light. This was inhaled in .4 second. Boom. Gone. Just like that. I will buy this again. Probably two or three, say, pizza, plus three of these.

This garlic bread is superfluous, although good tasting and welcome. It is an authentic lagniappe. Which is French for "nobody gives a crap." 

Mild. Too mild to be worth the trouble of eating it. The absence of capsaicin heat is insipid and causes the whole pile to be left alone. Now, every little piece must be corrected to continue. With something that can be actually felt. Ate one, ignored the rest. I will not buy these again. And that's a shame because I really liked the idea. See, I can think of half a dozen ways to make these, and this way is not one of them, blank-tasting jalapeƱos halved and scooped clean of all capsaicin-membrane with blank tasteless cheese and then with deep fried coating. One bite and you go, "No thanks."  

Lettuce with the other things that you see, nothing exotic. By itself, plain as can be. Gyros included separately. The gyros itself is very good but the rest of this salad is nothing without the gyros. I ate it anyway. 

The sandwich is not overstuffed. Mostly bread. A little more meat would be perfectly balanced. I never bought a sandwich as entree before. I think, I hope, the other things are better.

I almost forgot the gyros that goes with the salad. That is a gyros salad. I did not expect the meat to be separate. It is delicious.

Well, I love this. All the way around, it is a very good date. 

It's like a date in which I am not present. Repeatedly. It is habitual. Never mind that I am not there. Now I am just checking out what my date gets.

A little something for everyone. Perhaps a bit complicated. I do not know if this is understood, or appreciated so much as a pizza. 

This also comes with a two-liter container of soda. Which is large. 

A word about the runner. 

I saw him before. I talked to him before. 

Quick as usual. Precise inside the building. Here's the thing in each case lately, each runner wants to be more useful than their instruction allows. They know that they are not supposed to come inside my apartment, no reason to, but they each do anyway to make the transfer easiest for me. Each one breaks their own rule. They see me and they automatically break their own rule. 

In this brief moment the boy implored me to allow him to come in and put his packages in the best spot, he wants to minimize communication because his English is strained. I tell him that I order this stuff all the time but this is the first time that I've actually seen it. He seemed to acknowledge knowing that already. And I thought, "Nice shoes."

They really are nice. Shoes chosen with thought. Nice slacks too. Tan and red is the theme. But the thing that killed me is the only part of his face that shows is so symmetric, so darkened and round and so impressively imploringly expressive as the boy strained to communicate a simple idea in this strange unwieldy language.

I cannot find a photo that is perfect. All the boys have straight eyebrows. I must change the nearest one to have rounded eyebrows. Really really rounded eyebrows. Perfect semicircles. That dance around in the space between his hairline and his mask as he expresses. Now this is exactly what the guy looks like.

Except older. And trying hard as he might to be an American. It is awesome to see it. Someone becoming American. And it makes me wonder what I can do in these interactions, how I can help him fit into his chosen new world. I suppose converse. And make it not be so awkward. I could at least compliment his shoes.

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