Tossed green salad, bleu cheese dressing, Club crackers

Small. From Taste of Philly. A few days ago.

Enhanced with Parmigiano Reggiano and buttery Club crackers. 

Taste of Philly makes their own bleu cheese dressing and I must admit it is among the best that I've tasted. Except for my own using Maytag bleu cheese which is like butter.

That dressing; you mix it with mayonnaise and buttermilk and heavy cream and excellent bleu cheese without holding back, without being sensible about it. Make two quarts, use a cup, and give away the rest. It is a gift that people eagerly take from you. You don't even have to say anything. They'll automatically take it.

Taste of Philly knows about this. Look how insensible their bleu cheese chunks. This one chunk can flavor a whole jar, but I have it in one tiny cup.

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