Honey on biscuits with ham and eggs

The thing is about honey.

I made a mistake. 

I read Eugene Oregon and Blackberry and said, "Wha-a-a-t?"

Oh yeah. I did that. 

I conflated two honeys. 

I still need to buy the New Orleans honey.

I'll keep looking and buy something non specific. I do not think that it is possible to buy honey like these people are tasting. They are tasting from one specific hive. From one specific part of the comb. Collected at one point in the year.

Honey businesses cannot rely on one specific type of flowering plant. Their flowering season is too short. Honey is collected from various hives regionally with various flowering plants in season even trees. And scrubby little weeds. All over the place. 

I expected New Orleans honey to be heavy. Gothic. Layers and layers of flowering plants, muggy hot summers evident in taste no matter what parish it comes from. 

This Oregon honey is light. The initial taste similar to Colorado clover honey but then taste sensations continue after the honey is swallowed. Orange particularly, stronger even than actual orange honey which is extremely light. But no trace of blackberry.

I've watched this man's entire YouTube catalogue which is vast. I believe this might be his best one. 

The black families are the best. The whole family is there. Plus neighbors. From their point of view having JP rescue the bees is the same thing as having National Geographic in their back yard. They are interested but afraid. They see JP doing his thing unprotected. They get closer and closer. Finally the whole family is right there at his side and the little girl no longer screams and swats at bees.

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