bangers and mash

This photo does not belong here

A diversion.
This potato is growing buds emanating from its eyes.
If the bottom were in wet dirt or water, it would grow roots too.
It's how tubers roll.
And thus we see its survival strategies right before our wondering eyes. 

I have a bonsai tray but I can't find it. Storage. It'll show up sometime.
Until then, improvisation.
The bottom will be cut for a base and allow water and encourage roots
The potato will be set at an improbable angle.
I expect roots to grow down and cover the upturned cup and curl in the bowl. 
It will look like a bolder growing on a root mountain. 
That's what I'm seeing in my mind.

These two potatoes will be be mashed.
The mashed potatoes are loaded with mustard.
Three types of mustard usually, but my mustard is better than all three, so that's what is used.

If you would fry these stovetop or grill them too hot they will likely pop, but these are baked so they don't. They crisp nicely and evenly. 

These are Bratwurst not Cumberland, or blood or whatever, there is a very broad variety of sausages available in the U.S., some six or so places nearby I can think of offhand, but not so much variety at most large volume grocery stores. So these are the most popular around here, Kielbasa will do. 

The gravy, you just have to be here. I'm magic. I could show you, but you'd just screw it up.

It uses commercial beef broth and a roux, my own touches, my elements laying around, my own stern looks and pow there it is. There is no magic for cleaning the mess. A machine does that. 

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