chorizo, egg breakfast


"May I have an adult-size fork, please?" 

*covers mouth, whispers*  "You'd think they'd know better."

"Thank you."

Form dough into balls and cover with a magicians towel reinforced with quick sorcerer's spell. And then time. At least ten minutes, and no peeking either or the spell evaporates, it's a delicate and unstable procedure. 

Open the towel with a flourish and no small amount of suspense, this is essential for proper browning. The tortillas, magic tortillas, appear fully formed, sometimes a bit misshapen, and cooked, warm and ready to serve. 

There's really no point in buying these things unless of course you just don't want to bother your own magic abilities and that's perfectly understandable, what, given the attitudes you see today. 

This is an experiment to see which is better, the store brand, or the brand recommended by the Mexican-American guy who works at the store who said he never tried his own brand in the department where he works, and walked me instead aaaaalllll the way around to where the bacon is to get the tube of stuff. 


The Mexican-American guy doesn't know chorizo from a hole in the ground. His own house brand is better by far but he doesn't know it because he never tried it. There is no comparison. The brand in the tube is flavored pork sludge that disperses into granular flavoring, and the flavoring and color is not all that great. The house brand keeps some semblance of being sausage in intent. 

He also told me he likes chorizo and eggs, a broad smile crossed his face and he rubbed his stomach which everyone knows is unmistakable sign language for "I sure enjoy that in a way that words cannot convey," thus this breakfast today. To see if it's all it's cracked up to be. If you search Google images for chorizo and eggs, everything looks like unappetizing crap.


Very good and satisfying, but bacon is better. 

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