chicken soup

Great Northern beans, how presumptuous.

You know what's better than Great Northern beans? Cannellini beans, that's what. Problem is, they don't sell dry cannellini beans in my local grocery stores. Although sometimes canned can be found. In the fer'ner section. Goya.

Pressure cooked. For speed of preparation.

Prepared Asian slaw and angel hair pasta and leftover diced potato and leftover chicken bits and stock from this previously roasted chicken.

See how it's building to something spectacular? 

Frozen peas for green dots.

Roasted chicken is better than boiled chicken. On account of Maillard

The thing about us insouciant cavalier baker-types is we produce dumplings and such without even thinking about it, or as an afterthought. We reach here and reach there and blam there you go, a biscuit batter. Because of our bread-knowledge. After you cook it a hundred ways then something basic and unchallenging as biscuit batter is just flat not even trying. 

* flour
* salt of course, duh
* fat, whatever you have there on hand, butter of course, bacon fat etc.
* baking powder, it's the thing that makes it go puffffff.
* milk
What if you don't have baking powder? 
        Then baking soda and acid, like buttermilk or vinegar or cream of tartar
And what if you don't have those either?
Then egg.
And what if you don't have an egg?
Then cold butter for puff. 
What if you don't have baking power, baking soda, egg, or butter?
Then what are doing trying to make a biscuit? 
With an ordinary dinner knife, whip whip whip whip whip these simple bread ingredients and done, two spoons to deposit thick batter on top of simmering soup. 

So satisfying even with not so Great White Northern beans.

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