French fried potato

A potato a day can improve what you weigh.

That's what I say, 

Add weight to yourself the daily potato way. 

I'm up 2.7 LBS! 

137.7 LBS up from 135 LBS and at 6.0' I must say, I carry it very well. *strikes a three quarter pose*

This potato was microwaved pre-sliced into incomplete planks held together at one end. Sections of wax paper inserted between slices to dehydrate the potato as much as possible without the potato re-glueing itself back together. 

Then the cooked potato planks sliced into potato boards.

Then deep fried. 

Beef gravy begun with roux fortified with a variety of spices and flavoring and completed with commercial beef stock. It's good, but not as good as pan drippings. 

I don't see the attraction to this. Mashed potato is better with gravy. It just is.

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