meatball, French fries, white beans

White beans. 

* dramatically* The Great White Northern Bean. 

Pressure cooked for an hour with a ham hock.

The ham hock didn't have much meat on it but the meat that it did have on it is sure tastes good. And ham is very different from beef but I don't care. A regular meatloaf has those mixed anyway. 

Ground up dead cow meat mixed mixed with ground up dead pig meat but don't tell the kids it will distress them unnecessarily. That's what usually goes into a usual meatloaf, but not here, this is just a plain ground dead cow meat loaf type meatball.


The idea is obscene.

Think about what you're doing, People, think about what you're doing.

But delicious. 

Somehow I think this would go down well in Cincinnati. I think they're fond of poutine type heaps of various carbohydrate masses slathered with some kind of thick fat suffused liquid.

I look at a thing like this and think, "needs color." 

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