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The practice of growing three fruits together into a single fruit of three types originated in Italy near Naples. Fruititoni as as the new fruits were termed then were introduced into the United States in the late nineteenth century by immigrants from that area who brought with them their expertise in combining frutti, thus Neopolitan fruttitoni. 

The popularity of fruttitoni frutti quickly grew and the numbers of parcels and farms that  were turned over to fruttitioni frutti groves increased, alarm grew within the environmental protection sectors of the United States over the widespread use of genetically modified foods. Attitudes had changed in the intervening decades and the increase in turnover was suddenly halted and slowly reversed until presently fruttitoni frutti is produced on only a few small farms by licensed growers under strict conditions and steeply regulated, very far away from everything else and with an alligator moat around it.  

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