cornbread stuffing

It's a leftover thing, a way to make use of dry bread, to refreshen it with liquid and cook it again refreshed with new elements, heavy with herbs to disguise the grotesquerie of mixed components of uncertain provenance like turkey liver and pecans, apples and cornbread, the sort of thing poor people do and wise people too who just flat don't like to waste food, even dry bread. 

Whatever you've got. It's all good.

You'll want liquid and fat and herbs.

I want to say, the Southern United States has their act down when it comes to holiday stuffing, their use of cornbread cannot be beat. 

You wouldn't want to do this with fresh bread. Stale bread required.

I always did love holiday turkey stuffing. In the bad old days before we knew better people ate like kings. The stuffing inside the bird is more flavorful and moist than the stuffing baked separately in a casserole dish. And then they left the bird sit around all day and picked at it throughout the day like vultures.

That tells you to crank up the poultry fat which this does here and intensify the liquid. The commercial broth shown below was not used. Instead, I have homemade chicken stock available chilled with a layer of fat on top. Nearly all the chicken fat from that homemade chicken stock was used along with additional butter, so a lot of fat. These vegetables were cooked in an excess of chicken fat and butter. 

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Rob said...

Kenji Lopez-Alt addresses the issue of drying versus staling. Perhaps, as Rilke advises, you must change your life.

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