mussels in cream

Wine and butter are made for each other, think of that, two fairly thoroughly processed things and they blend like magic. 

Nothing special. The bottle shop downstairs has a shopping cart filled with wine bottles first thing near the front door, no need at all to go plying the aisles.
Hey Wine-os !!!
Buy this here.
It don't get no cheaper than this
Everything over here under $12.00
Except this here in this cart is all under $10.00 !!!!
So I took one. Salesmanship cogent as that, how could I resist?

Squirrels and groundhogs, marmots, and chipmunks and stoats and various weasels and such all dig around in the dirt quite a lot, you will notice if you watch them for awhile, because they expect to find things down there such as these. And they do. These things grow down there in the dirt. All this time people have been thoughtfully washing off all the dirt clogs before presenting these vegetables so you never do see all the dirt that goes into collecting them. It's a dirty business. 

Wanna see my mussels?  

*flex flex * 

Vegetables cooked in acid solution tend to stay hard.

Wine is acid.

Pressure overcomes the strengthening that acid imparts.

This is fast. 


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