pressed ham sandwich

Sweet and sour slaw made from the purple cabbage is the element that distinguishes this sandwich from all others. 

That, and the Black Forest ham.

And homemade bread. So three things, 

No wait, mustard made here too, best in all the land, so four things distinguish this sandwich from anything else, other that those four things, everything is ordinary.

This bread is shown already under ciabatta, but it's more like Brogan boots. 

Except for the smasher, that's improvised too. So five things. Water in the pot determines how much weight is applied. 

But why slaw?

Because it's better than lettuce. 

It will be pressed and heated, lettuce will wilt. That's okay, but cabbage is better.

Warm slaw transforms this sandwich into something else. It has more impact than the cheese does on this. This sandwich, this cheese. Three types of cheese, one of them very robust, but the slaw dominates all that. A different cheese will be different, like goat cheese would be tangy whereas this cheese is not.

A wedge is sliced from a head of cabbage, then the wedge sliced into chunks.

The cabbage chunks are heated with brown sugar and balsamic vinegar salt and pepper, butter or bacon fat if available, water if needed. Onions, garlic. Heat to crispy tender. The balsamic, butter or bacon fat with the liquid portion from cabbage reduce to a thick pleasant sauce.


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