chocolate pralines

Chocolate pralines, fourth in a series. 

There were two approaches I could think of to get chocolate inside the pralines, powdered cocoa, a little of that goes a very long way, and couverture chocolate, which I used, dark Barry's.

They're not very good. 

Of the three types, peanut butter flavor is my favorite, I think it does improve the caramel but I used too much, and I used very little. 

I'm almost an expert at this. I learned that at your signal of introducing something cooler than the exceedingly hot caramel, and off the heat, the mixture rapidly cools and changes as it cools, it clouds and becomes less viscous, more difficult to pour out by the spoonful,  water can be added at that critical point with no disruption to caramel stability so the pouring state can be easily extended. None of the YouTube videos point this out that I saw. 

These were the first that were made with condensed milk rather than cream. I still don't know which of those is best. Right now I think I prefer cream.


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