Seemed easy enough. 

* sugar to softball stage 235°F
* brown sugar if you want
* butter
* cream
* salt
* pecans

* vanilla, rum, whatevs if you want
* cinnamon if you want
* chocolate if you want
* peanut butter if you want
* sweet potato addition if you want

I don't even bother with water, just pour sugar into a pan and heat it slowly. If an area starts turning brown too fast then I sprinkle more sugar on that area to slow it down. 

It occurred to me this might go more smoothly if the ingredients were heated first, especially the pecans. I might have used more cream and less extraneous conflicting flavors at once like cinnamon and cayenne. 

This worked very well just dumping ingredients in a pot following melted sugar. I imagine I'd get even better results by following an official Southern instructions. 

It is not the same thing as peanut brittle. Brittle is sugar to hard stage. This is sugar to soft stage. 

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