These are the main attraction, the stars of the show. 

I tasted a piece of one of these persimmons and it wasn't all that great. I recall them being stronger than this with more intense persimmon goodness.  These can use some help, maybe a persimmon liqueur or something. 

I thought maybe a little sugar, just a little, and cinnamon and nutmeg too, just a little so that's what I did. Then heated it and it tasted fine. Improved.

Made these little cups, and they're so light and delicate, ordinary farm lady pie crusts but folded and chilled and folded and chilled like puff, and sure enough, they all puffed.

Then I blew it. 

Whipped cream blended with the mixture obliterated all trace of persimmon. Then topped with it, the filling could be anything banal.

Don't do this.

An affront to persimmons. Pointless. 


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