potato cheese soup


Level 3 clearance required.

The following file describes instructions for a meal that contains dangerous levels of carbohydrates, the wrong kind of fast carbohydrates that are converted quickly to fuel or stored as body fat. The instructions call for high levels of actual fat as well, animal fat, the kind that is saturated, and all that accompanied with extremely dangerous levels of flavor and satisfaction. These details are not to be released to the general public due to the ease of construction, availability of component resources, and low expense.

bay leaves
fennel seeds
two cloves

Here the potatoes are cooking with flavor. They'd be great all by themselves. They're covered for fifteen minutes on low. Liquid remains, a bit concentrated and a bit thickened by starch from potatoes, and this liquid is added to the soup.

Commercial stock has salt already, even the low sodium type. So does cheese. Because the liquid becomes concentrated no more salt is added. 

Seasonings are started with butter in another pot. The beef liquid added to that to halt the oil heating on spice action. Then enough cream to satisfy a giant cat or any cream lover. 

Not shown: white pepper

Bread made two days ago is still fine.

A carnivore surprise at the bottom of the bowl, torn Black Forest sandwich ham. So now it's beef broth with ham garnish of sorts. 

Not shown:  at last cheese to melt by itself off the heat. 

If you were to serve a mere cup of this or something similar to your guests on a cold winter night to start things off, I would say it would be unforgettable. 

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