In America all cornbread is in the shape of corn, that's how you can tell if it's real. 

In the fifth grade, a friend told me he knew an old man who sent his son off to school and he was very proud of the fact his son was the first in his family to ever attend college and that's a big thing. 

When the son came home for holiday break his pa wanted to show off his son's education so he called him forth and told his son in front of the old man's friend, "Now that you're up there learn'n them ciphers, tell us somethin' educated."

The boy thought for a moment and uttered, "Okay, A = π r² "

The father sat there silently. Looked at his friend. Looked at his son. Looked at his friend. Back at his son, and said, "Thank you, Son, that'll be all."

The boy left.

And the dad said to his friend, "Poor thing. Worse off now than before he went off to get educated. Everybody knows pie are round and cornbread are square."

I made this cornbread by grinding popcorn in a coffee mill, mixing the same amount of flour, then baking powder, sugar and salt. Those are the dry ingredients for which I did not know ratios nor how much to prepare.

Melted butter, milk, egg whisked together for the liquid portion. I did not know how much to mix so I imagined the amount needed to fill the mold. As it turned out, the dry portion I prepared in advance matched precisely the amount needed for the liquid portion prepared in advance so there was no adjustments but I did overestimate by two cornbreads.

It worked! And it's delicious too. Sweet cornbread, just how I like it, and more fluffy than regular cornbread that you make from a recipe, which actually sort of drys out your mouth when you eat it so you end up with a mouth full of crumbs falling all over the place, but not here. 

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